Garage Door Repair Damascus

We service overhead doors all over MD Maryland. Whether it is a garage door repair in Fairfax Virginia, or if it is a garage door repair in Damascus, we will be there for you, to assist you with any garage door issue, since garage door repairs in MD is what we do, and if you are located and need a garage door service in Damascus Maryland, we can help.

There are many different garage doors in Damascus Maryland, and a real pro, such as the experts of Germantown Garage Doors & Gates can fix all of them. To the experts of Germantown Garage Doors & Gates it doesn’t matter if your overhead door in Damascus is broken, or if you are looking for garage door service in Damascus, since garage door repairs is what we do, and as many of our customers will gladly tell you, we do it the best, and that what makes Germantown Garage Doors & Gates the #1 garage doors company in MD.

Call a local garage door expert or do it yourself?

There are many people who try and fix their broken garage door in Damascus by doing it yourself kind of repair. And we always say that there some repairs in Damascus that can be done in DIY, and there are repairs that it is better to let the pro deal with. Especially when it is a commercial garage door in Damascus or a complicated repair like torsion spring repair, or garage door opener repair. We would like to share few stories about some of our customers who called us after they tried to fix their broken garage door in Damascus by DIY, and find out that you need more than just watch a Video on You Tube if you want your garage door to be repaired today.

Here is a partial list of the garage services we provide in Germantown and the area:

  • Same day garage repairs in Germantown.
  • New garage installation Germantown.
  • Garage door opener repair Germantown.
  • Garage door spring repair Germantown.
  • Commercial garage door repair Germantown.
  • Residential garage door repairs Germantown.
  • Garage doors maintenance in Germantown.
  • Emergency garage door services in Germantown.


    Garage door repair Germantown MD

    Garage Door Spring Repair Germantown

    We once received a call from a customer in Damascus who told us that her garage door is not opening, and that she cannot access the garage. Since she is located in Damascus, she is local to us, so we sent someone right away. And with no intent, we sent our most experiment garage door technician in Damascus, who fix thousands of overhead doors in Damascus, and replaced thousands of garage door springs in Maryland.

    When our technician inspected the broken garage door, he noticed that one of the torsion springs is broken, and need to be replaced. And not only that, beside that fact that she need new torsion springs, like many other garages in Damascus Maryland, she need custom made springs (We carry springs for most garages in Damascus, but for custom made doors we need to measure the door and the spring, and return with the right springs, something that we did many times during our garage door service in Damascus.

    The technician told her the price (345$) for the springs, and she said she need to talk to her husband and decide. The next day we receive a call from the same customer in Damascus, telling us that she found garage door springs online for 25$ each spring, and that her boyfriend can replace them for her. And that we are trying to still money!! We tried to explain her that there are more than 1,000 different sizes of springs, and that it is impossible that she found the needed springs for 25$. But she insisted.  Since we are her to fix and solve problems, and not to teach people in Damascus what is right and what is wrong, we stopped and let her move on.

    Garage Door ServicesGermantown

    We once received a call from someone who told us that he heard about our garage door services, and that he would like us to install a new garage door opener for him. We gave him an estimate over the phone for 500$ to supply and install a new Lift master garage opener, and he said that he prefer to purchase the opener from a garage door supplier in Damascus and to install it by himself.

    The next day we received a call from the same guy asking us to come and install the opener that he purchased from online garage door store, since he is experiencing hard time installing it. Since he was located in Damascus, and we offer same day garage door repairs in MD, our garage technician was there in less than an hour. And he found that the customer was trying to install a chain drive garage opener in a garage which didn’t have enough headroom for the rail. Some garages in Damascus need some modifications in order to install a new garage opener, like quick turn brackets, or similar solution. That is why we always say: No matter if it is a garage door in Damascus, or rolling gate repair in Maryland, do not touch it, or try to repair it by yourself if you are not sure. A garage door technician has the tools and the parts, and even the ability to fix any garage door, and when someone who isn’t experience in servicing overhead doors in Damascus MD.

    The problem was that from all the attempts to operate the opener, he destroyed the opener, which got over heated and burned. So now, the customer spent almost double than he could if he let a professional garage door technician in Damascus to perform the installation.

    hOME GARAGE DOOR Germantown

    Repair Garage Openers in Germantown

    The important thing will be to stop using the garage door when the door stop working, and call someone who fix overhead doors in Damascus Maryland, to come and fix it for you. Any attempt to use massive force to operate the garage door, or to force the garage door to move, when obviously there is something wrong with it, can end with bigger damage and even injuries. And since our technicians are experienced in fixing garage door in Damascus, they know which garage doors are more likely to break, and which springs are more likely required in order to fix any broken overhead door in Damascus on the first visit.

    Is the garage opener safe for use? If your garage opener do not include a safety feature, such as the garage safety sensors, we will not be able to service it. The Federal law require that every garage opener in Germantown to include a safety feature such as safety sensors. But beside the law, if your opener was installed with no safety feature, you may want to consider installing them for protection. So again, whether it is a garage door in MD, a roll up door in Maryland, or a commercial garage door in Bayside Germantown, if they are working with electric garage opener, they must include a safety feature.
    Which opener is installed? If the wrong opener was installed, repairing it will not solve the problem, and it will be just a matter of time before it will break again. If you own a double car garage door, but it is working with a garage opener which is only 1.2 Horse Power, we may recommend to you to replace it with a stronger opener instead of fixing it. We believe that when you do a job correctly, and install the right opener in Germantown, and from a leading garage opener manufacture in Maryland, you are adding another customer to your list of satisfied customers, who know that All Germantown Garage Doors is a garage door company in Germantown which you can trust.

    Garage door repair Germantown MD

    Liftmaster Opener Repair Germantown

    It is no secret that we consider Liftmaster to be the best garage opener manufacture. Yes, you can find different brands of garage openers in MD, like Genie openers and pothers, but we have learned that when we install a new Liftmaster opener for a residential garage door, we supply a high quality garage opener. Not for nothing, the oldest openers we service in Damascus are from Liftmaster, and we often find ourselves replacing garage openers that were installed 25 years ago.

    It is important to mention that every automated garage door, whether it is an automated garage door in MD, or automated garage door in Damascus, must include a safety future, like safety sensors. It may be a Liftmaster residential opener, or a Genie commercial garage opener, what important is that every automated garage door will include a safety feature. This is not an option, this is by the law that require that every electric garage door to include a safety feature. If you own a residential garage door opener in Damascus, and there is no safety feature installed, please call us for same day service.

    New Residential Garage Doors

    A new residential garage door installation is something that you want to do once, and to forget about doing it again for at least 25 years or more. But in order to get a new garage door in Damascus that will serve you for many years, there are few things you should know on your way to a new garage door. And again, it goes for every new garage door in the US, in Damascus, a new residential garage door in Damascus, or any other state.

    We at Germantown Garage Doors & Gates always say that when it comes to a new residential garage door installation in Damascus Maryland, you should always aim for quality, since a high quality garage door in can save you a lot of time and frustration in the future, since you won’t have to look for a garage door supplier in Damascus Maryland to come and fix the garage door. If you are looking for a high quality garage door installation in Damascus Maryland, you need to be looking for 2 important things, that only a combination of the two of them will ensure you a high quality garage door, and a garage door that will serve you for many years, with no need to contact a garage door specialist in Damascus to come and fix it every other year (Assuming that you maintain and that you lubricate your garage door on time of course. By DIY or by using a garage door specialist in Damascus Maryland).

    Garage Door Maintenance Damascus

    We are about to say something, which apply to any garage door. Whether it is a garage door in Montgomery County, a garage door repair in Virginia, or a garage door in Port Maryland MD: Every garage door need to maintained, and if possible 2 times during the year.

    If it is a residential garage door, and all it needs is some lubrication and basic tune up, you do not need a garage door technician in Damascus to do the job for you. You can definitely search for some Tutorials which explain how to maintain your garage door by doing it yourself. One of our favorite Videos is the one made by Low’s, and explain how to maintain a residential garage door.

    As we explained earlier, the second part of a good garage door installation, on your way to a new garage door in Damascus Maryland is the garage door itself. There are many garage door manufactures in Damascus Maryland and in MD like Amarr Garage Doors, Wayne Dalton overhead doors and more. They offer high quality new garage doors in Damascus Maryland, and as we said earlier, quality is the key.

    The color of your next residential garage door, the design, if the door will have window and what spring system to use is something that can change from one garage to another, since different people have different opinions. Not once we created and installed custom made wooden residential garage doors in Damascus, since this is what our customer asked for, and those who know us, and know about our garage door services in Damascus Maryland can tell you that we will go a long way in order to provide our customers with the best garage door service in Damascus Maryland, whether it is a new garage door installation in Damascus Maryland or a new garage opener installation.


    Garage door repair Germantown MD

    New Garage Door Damascus

    If you are thinking to replace your garage door in Montgomery County MD, and to install a new overhead door, we can help. We specialize in garage doors repairs and installation in Damascus, and we install commercial and residential overhead garages from leading brands in Damascus.

    All our garage doors are from leading garage door suppliers in Damascus, all of them are made from strong materials, to last many years in the weather conditions in Damascus. But we are not the only garage doors company in Damascus, and we know that you may find garage door suppliers who can offer you cheaper garages for cheaper prices. But there is one thing that we consider ourselves as one of the best garage companies in Damascus, and that is the quality of the products we supply, and the professional garage services we provide in Damascus and the area.

    There is a reason why garage door customers contacting us from all over Damascus to help them with their garage door needs, whether it is a garage door repair, or a new garage door installation in Damascus. Our reputation as one of the leading garage companies in Damascus, brought us customers from all over Maryland, whether it is a new garage door installation in Germantown, a garage door repair in Montgomery County, or a commercial garage door service. Because when you provide a professional service, and you are building a reputation as one of the best garage door companies in Damascus, people feel confident enough to recommend about you, and about your garage services in Damascus.

    Emergency Garage Door Services Damascus


    There is no good time for a garage door in Montgomery County to stop working. To help you get your garage in Damascus working again ASAP, we offer emergency garage repairs in Damascus, to help you whenever you need our garage service, any time and any day. Usually we fix the problem on the spot, since we carry parts for all types of garage doors in Maryland, but sometime, especially if it a custom made door, we will have to give you a temporary solution, and perform a temporary garage repair, and to return with the required part to complete the service.

    If you are located in Maryland, and your car is locked inside the garage, we will help you get your car out, close and secure the door, and return with the needed parts. So if you need a garage door services in Montgomery County MD, Germantown Garage Doors & Gates will be there for you, since fixing garage door in Damascus is what we do, and we try to do it best in Damascus.

    Some of our garage doors services in Damascus:

  • Install new garage doors in Damascus.
  • Fix garage doors from all brands in Damascus.
  • Emergency same day garage repairs in Damascus.
  • Commercial overhead door service in Damascus.
  • Residential garage repairs in Damascus.
  • Lift Master opener repair and installation in Damascus.
  • Amarr Doors repairs in Damascus.
  • Clopay garage doors repairs Damascus.
  • Wayne Dalton garage repairs in Damascus.


    For Garage Door Repairs in Damascus, Call: 301-264-5569